Did You Pay for a Fake FlixBus Seat Reservation?

Did You Pay for a Fake FlixBus Seat Reservation?

False Advertising Claims Against FlixBus

Did FlixBus wrongly charge you for a seat reservation? We are investigating claims against FlixBus for advertising and charging for seat reservations on buses without seat numbers. As a result, customers are paying extra to reserve a specific seat, yet are not able to sit in the seat that they paid for. False advertising violates California law.

According to FlixBus: “if you have reserved a specific seat, you will find a seat number on your ticket. Buses that allow seat reservations will indicate the seat numbers at eye-level along the overhead baggage compartment.”

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Impact on Customers

Choosing Flixbus for your travels can be economical and convenient, but the inconvenience on travelers when they fail to honor specific seat reservations you’ve paid for is unacceptable. 

Customer Complaints

Numerous FlixBus customers who were unable to sit in seats that they had paid for have complained to FlixBus. Here are a few customer complaint examples:

“We paid extra for assigned seats but the bus that showed up was a different model and we didn’t get our assigned seats and no one knew where to sit . . .”

“But the part that pisses me off is that I had paid extra to reserve a seat in the FRONT of the bus (larger seats, more leg room and quieter in the front). I was unable to then reserve the same front seats after the reservation had been changed. So I PAID for the better seating, but when FlixBus changed the booking, I was bumped down to general seating with no way to reserve the upgraded seats. LAME.”

“The bus is almost full. I paid extra for the front seat and I had to sit in the back by the bathroom.”

“Btw, don’t bother buying assigned seats…from the driver’s mouth ‘Flix always gets it wrong…don’t waste your money on assigned seating’.”

“Late every time. We paid extra for reserved seats but those seats never seem to be available. Request your money back or don’t bother.”

“When the bus arrived late (1 hour) I got on, and to my suprise [sic] there was no assigned seats, there were no labels on the rows or seats whatsoever.  Also, the bus was nearly full, I had no choice but to just take a seat.”

“And there is no row and seat number on that bus.”

Additional FlixBus Issues

Further, issues regarding accessibility for passengers with disabilities on FlixBus have been brought to the forefront recently. Notably, allegations have been made on a nationwide level about the difficulty faced by passengers dependent on wheelchairs, scooters, or other mobility aids while using the service. The legal proceedings, supported by provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, seek damages and an injunction to ensure hassle-free, respectful, and cost-effective access to FlixBus for passengers with disabilities.

These allegations point to a troubling pattern of inaccessible buses and lack of properly trained staff to manage mobility aids, causing unnecessary inconvenience, delays, and missed appointments. The problem, according to claims, is a national one, impacting thousands of individuals who rely on mobility aids for transportation.

The CEO of FlixBus, André Schwämmlein, has made public his vision of making transportation accessible to everyone, yet the recent allegations question whether his vision of accessibility truly encompasses people with disabilities. There are claims that the company does not consistently carry out necessary pre-trip inspections of bus lifts, which is a violation of Department of Transportation regulations.

These legal actions seek to enforce the rights of individuals with disabilities by requiring FlixBus and its contractors to comply with all accessibility laws, carry out regular vehicle inspections including pre-trip inspections, and train their employees to properly operate the lifts and ensure passenger safety.

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July 18, 2023

Did FlixBus Charge You For A Seat Reservation That You Could Not Use?

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