Lemon Law Rights in California

Lemon Law Rights in California

If you purchased or leased a late-model car in the State of California and feel you have had to take it in for warranty repair too many times since its purchase or lease, you may have the right to receive a refund or replacement vehicle through California’s Lemon Laws. Some estimates show that 150,000 vehicles […]

Life After Dieselgate

On September 18, 2015, the world was shocked when the Environmental Protection Agency issued a notification that the Volkswagen Group had intentionally rigged their turbocharged direct injection (“TDI”) diesel engines to cheat emissions standards. The EPA issued a Notice of Violation stating that approximately 480,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, equipped with 2L TDI engines, sold […]

The Importance of the Written Car Contract

Anyone who has bought a car in California is familiar with the two-foot long contract that you have to sign. It can be unwieldy, difficult to print, and comically long. So why is it required? The short answer is that this form of contract is required in order to help protect consumers. Vehicle sales today […]

When is a Nonconformity Substantial Enough?

Under California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, more commonly known as “the lemon law,” if a vehicle manufacturer is unable to repair a “nonconformity” with a vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer has an affirmative obligation to offer to either repurchase or replace the defective vehicle. “Lemon law” lawsuits arise when the manufacturer […]

Do You Know Where Your Tips are Going?

In recent months, delivery companies have come under scrutiny for failing to deliver tips to their drivers. For example, a recent New York Times expose, My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman, delved into some of these practices. The article describes DoorDash’s (now changing) “pay model” as: DoorDash offers a guaranteed minimum […]

Caveat Vendor: California’s Home Solicitation Sales Act

In 1971, the California Legislature enacted the Home Solicitation Sales Act, giving California consumers a three-day right to cancel home solicitation contracts.  To this day, California’s Home Solicitation Sales Act remains one of the strictest in the nation and provides sweeping protections for consumers. The Home Solicitation Sales Act applies to contracts that are not […]

When Can They Repossess My Car?

“When can they repossess my car” is a question we get asked a lot at Conn Law, PC. There is a common misconception that lenders, in California, must wait a certain number of days after a payment is late before they can repossess a consumer’s vehicle. But in truth, there is no hard and fast […]