Myths About Manufacturer Buybacks

Myths About Manufacturer Buybacks

The California Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased or leased a defective vehicle. When a manufacturer cannot repair a vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, and the defect is substantial, then you are eligible for a buyback. In a buyback, the manufacturer can do one of two things: (1) It can offer a […]

Nearly 1.3 Million Mercedes Vehicles Recalled Over eCall Software Issue

On February 5, 2021, Mercedes Benz issued a recall that affects 1.3 million vehicles. Mercedes stated that 100 percent of those vehicles could experience failure of the eCall system — which shares location data with first responders in the event of a crash. That location failure can send emergency responders to the wrong location and […]

Preparing for Lemon Law Arbitration

Suppose you have visited the repair shop countless times with your new, used, pre-owned, or certified car that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In that case, you may be wondering if you have a lemon on your hands. There are many avenues to help you resolve this issue in California, from court litigation with […]

Appeals Court Affirmed Fraud Ruling Against Ford for Faulty Super Duty Trucks

Owners of 2006 Ford F-350s have argued that these Super Duty trucks have defective 6.0L diesel engines. They also argue that Ford Motor Company knew of the defects and concealed them to unsuspecting buyers and owners for years. As a result, many owners of these Super Duty trucks faced potential dangers as well as extensive […]

Ford 2020 Model Recall Due to Faulty Backup Cameras

On September 23, 2020, Ford Motor Company issued a recall that affects about 700,000 vehicles. Ford estimates as many as 47 percent of those vehicles may experience failure when using the rearview park assist camera. A recall is necessary when a motor vehicle or a component of a motor vehicle does not comply with federal […]

Hyundai SUV Recall Due to Faulty Electrical Systems

Hyundai has now recalled 180,000 SUVs as a result of a faulty electrical systems that may cause fires resulting in injuries or death. If you suffered any injuries or losses as a result of an electrical fire or manufacturing defect in your Hyundai SUV, you may have the legal right to pursue compensation for your […]

Different Types of Auto Dealer Fraud

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle in the State of California, you have the right to receive a vehicle free from mechanical issues, safety problems or that will break down immediately as you drive it off of the car lot. Learning more about your legal rights can help ensure that you remain protected as […]

The Perils of Lemon Laundering

California’s consumer lemon law, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, was written to protect more than just the purchasers of lemon vehicles. It also protects the next unsuspecting buyer. If a vehicle is a “lemon,” the manufacturer must buy it back. The Song-Beverly Act imposes an affirmative duty on manufacturers to offer to repurchase or replace […]

Settlement Deadline Approaching for Ram & Jeep EcoDiesel Owners

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (“FCA”), specifically 2014-2016 Rams and Jeep Cherokees, were reportedly cheating emissions regulations. In January 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued notices to FCA due to alleged violations of regulations due to emissions cheating software. Following consent decrees with the EPA and CARB and a […]

How to Claim Lemon Law Benefits on a Previously Owned Car

When a consumer buys a new car and it is defective, there are protections that they can take. But what happens when a consumer buys a used car that is defective? The frustration of dealing with a defective, unfixable problem may leave you wondering whether you have any protections. Thankfully, the State of California provides […]