In Response to a Potential Hood Opening Issue, Honda Recalls SUVs and Trucks

In Response to a Potential Hood Opening Issue, Honda Recalls SUVs and Trucks

Approximately 789,000 Honda SUVs and pickup trucks are being recalled globally because of a hood latch issue that can cause the hood to come flying open while the vehicle is in motion. This type of issue is severe as it can significantly heighten the chances of an accident– a bad one.

The recall includes the 2019 Passport SUV, 2016 to 2019 Pilot SUVs, and 2017 to 2020 Ridgeline pickup trucks.

In the notice issued by Honda, the automaker explained that air could enter through gaps in the front seal between the grill and hood, causing hood vibrations when driving at highway speeds.

A Closer Look at Honda’s Recall

Vibrations generated by the hood latch striker (in one of the Honda vehicles mentioned under the recall) may lead to stress fractures that separate the latch striker from the hood over time.

Honda identified the main safety hazard as a separate hood latch striker, which may permit the hood to open, obstructing the driver’s vision, thus increasing the risk of a crash.

If your hood vibrates or the hood is loose, you might have a faulty latch striker.

If you’re an owner, here is how to fix this issue

You may schedule an appointment to repair your vehicle with an authorized Honda dealer. Depending on what your dealer determines is necessary, the hood may be repaired, and a striker support plate installed, or the entire hood may be replaced.

Owners can contact American Honda’s Customer Support & Campaign Center at 1-888-234-2138 if they have additional questions or find an authorized dealer.

Additionally, Honda will be sending out information to all owners in February of 2022.

How to determine whether your vehicle is subject to a recall

You can check if your car needs repairs due to an open recall on the NHTSA website. You will need to plug in your vehicle’s VIN (17-digit vehicle identification number) or know the make model and year of the car in question.

Our recommendation is to check back regularly to determine if your vehicle has an open safety recall as automakers frequently issue recalls (particularly for older cars).

What is a Lemon and the Lemon Law of California?

You may be able to get compensation from the manufacturer of your car whether you lease or purchase in California if it has defects that significantly impact the car’s use. (For example, a vehicle that requires several repairs for the same issue only for the problem to keep resurfacing.)

If the car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, etc., is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, it may qualify as a lemon law buyback. Any defect that results in a severe impact on the vehicle’s safety or impact on its value may also be eligible. While the law does not cover everyone who has a “lemon” (a problem car), some people may need to hire a lawyer to resolve their cases, the law does provide necessary rights for car buyers.

Suppose you bought a defective Honda vehicle (or any new or used vehicle) with reoccurring issues or a significant safety concern. In that case, it may be time to seek legal consultation for assistance with a possible lemon.

At Conn Law PC, we have experienced California Lemon Law attorneys ready to help with your claim or answer any questions regarding such a recall. We may also thoroughly review your case and verify if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. Please, contact our offices for a free consultation should you have any concerns regarding your vehicle.

December 29, 2021