Appeals Court Affirmed Fraud Ruling Against Ford for Faulty Super Duty Trucks

Appeals Court Affirmed Fraud Ruling Against Ford for Faulty Super Duty Trucks

Owners of 2006 Ford F-350s have argued that these Super Duty trucks have defective 6.0L diesel engines. They also argue that Ford Motor Company knew of the defects and concealed them to unsuspecting buyers and owners for years. As a result, many owners of these Super Duty trucks faced potential dangers as well as extensive repair bills from the engine failures. Now, owners of these trucks are now seeing justice after years of confrontation with Ford Motor Company.

Appeals Court Ruling

The California Court of Appeals upheld a lower’s court’s ruling in favor of a truck owner regarding his claim of fraud against the Ford Motor Company with respect to the defective 6.0 diesel engines. With five other pending awards against Ford for similar reasons, it appears that victims are finally receiving the justice they deserve. While there was a class action case that settled in 2013 regarding these matters, some victims felt that the class action case did not go far enough to protect consumer rights.

Impact of the Recent Court Case

The jury awarded the maximum amount under the law to the victim (Margeson) for Ford Motor Company’s violation of California’s lemon law, which totaled $214,537 plus legal fees. With over one million Ford vehicles having this particular 6.0L diesel engine, the result could make an astronomical impact on Ford Motor Company. It is important to note that while the court did not allow punitive damages, the total amount awarded to the victim was over $72,000 in repayment for truck replacement and repair expenses, and the remainder was a civil penalty. With other similar trucks in Ford Motor Company’s lineup that have similar complaints, Ford may be facing even more scrutiny and lawsuits for Navistar engines or F-250 or F-350 engines.

What to do if You Have a 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck

If you have a 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck with a 6.0L diesel engine, or if you have any type of vehicle that you believe has a manufacturing defect, you have the right under the laws within the state of California to receive justice and compensation. The laws regarding “lemon” vehicles can prove challenging and complex, and visiting with an experienced lemon law attorney can help ensure your rights remain protected and you receive the compensation for your repairs, replacement, or any injuries you suffered as a result of a defective part or component of your vehicle.

Contact an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney Today

You have the right to pursue justice under established California’s Lemon Laws, which may include the right to pursue litigation regarding the purchase of your vehicle. If you suffered injuries or losses, either economic or non-economic ,as a result of a defective part or component of your vehicle, contact the experienced attorneys at Conn Law, P.C. at 412-417-2780 or online today to visit with an attorney for free and to ensure you understand and protect all of your legal rights.

November 28, 2020