Yo-Yo Financing: What It Is and How to Avoid It


Yo-Yo Financing: What It Is and How to Avoid It

What is Yo-Yo Financing? Yo-yo financing is a deceptive practice where a customer is offered a car loan with a very low interest rate, only for the dealership to retract the offer later. The term ‘yo-yo’ aptly describes this process, where the customer drives away with a new car, only to be pulled back by […]

Can I Secretly Record Phone Calls? A Guide to the California Invasion of Privacy Act

The California Invasion of Privacy Act prohibits recording confidential conversations without consent, with violators facing fines, jail time, and civil lawsuits. Exceptions include law enforcement activities under warrant or in emergencies. This act makes California a “two-party consent” state, which means that both sides of a conversation must agree to be recorded. Key Points In […]

Dealing With an Unauthorized Credit Inquiry on Your Report

Have you discovered an unauthorized credit inquiry on your report? It’s important to act promptly to protect your credit score and potentially prevent identity theft. An unauthorized credit inquiry on your report can jeopardize your credit and increase the risk of identity theft. Consumers can address this issue by disputing any inaccuracies with credit bureaus, […]

Did Your Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Shut Down While Driving?

Conn Law, PC is investigating reports by California owners and lessees of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe vehicles that their Jeeps have died on them while driving. Owners have complained of their hybrid electric jeeps continuing to shut down on them while driving. This puts the drivers and their passengers at serious […]

Senate Bill No. 71 (SB 71) and Its Impact on California Lemon Law

Senate Bill No. 71, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on October 13, 2023, marks a significant update to California’s civil litigation thresholds. This legislation raises the monetary limits for claims that can be brought in small claims courts and redefines the boundaries for limited civil cases. Specifically, the bill increases the jurisdictional limit […]

AB 1366 Explained: How California is Advancing Consumer Protection Laws

California has taken a decisive step in enhancing consumer rights with the enactment of Assembly Bill 1366 (AB 1366). Authored by Assembly Member Brian Maienschein and sponsored by Attorney General Rob Bonta, this law, effective since January 1, 2024, establishes the Victims of Consumer Fraud Restitution Fund in the state Treasury. This fund is uniquely […]

California Lemon Law for Used Cars: A Detailed Guide

When buying a used car in California, it’s valuable to know that the California Lemon Law covers both new and used cars. This law protects buyers by stepping in when a used car doesn’t meet the quality and performance you were promised. Overview of Lemon Law for Used Cars in California Eligibility: Although California lemon […]

How To Sue a Car Dealership in California

Falling victim to a California car dealership’s deceptive practices can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It’s unfortunate how many car dealerships conduct their business dishonestly. After spending your hard-earned money on a car that turns out to be far from what was advertised, you may be wondering where to turn next. You may be asking […]

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: A Guide for Consumers

At Conn Law PC, we specialize in assisting clients who are facing challenges with lemon vehicles. A cornerstone in the field of consumer protection is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This federal law, established in 1975, serves as a shield for consumers against unfair warranty practices, offering a substantial layer of protection that works hand in […]

Lemon Law Buyback in California

When you invest in a vehicle, you anticipate reliability and performance. But what if your new car turns out to be a ‘lemon’—a vehicle with serious defects that persist despite multiple repair attempts? In California, and many other states, lemon law buybacks are a legal recourse designed to protect consumers in such situations. Becoming familiar […]